Gourmet Licorice

Remember walking down to the hardware store and buying paper bags of penny-candy when you were a kid? We're not sure about you, but that old-fashioned licorice was always one of our favorite treats. Now you can find licorice just like that in a variety of flavors from around the world right here at Kathy's!


Imported Licorice Flavors:

Double Salt Licorice: Holland*

Rockies: England

Finnska Soft Licorice: Finland

Pastilles: Holland

Rainbow Laces: Turkey

Wine Gummies: England

* A disclaimer for our friends who have never had double salt licorice before: it is extremely salty

Licorice Caramels: Holland

Mint Licorice Caramels: Holland

Licorice Strawberry Caramels: Holland

Licorice Allsorts: England

Licorice Drops: Holland

Licorice Bites: Holland

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